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Hey there, welcome to my site! I'm Sarah, and I'm a newlywed to the man of my dreams - Mr. Michael Varner. Believe it or not, we actually met during the craziness of COVID (who says love in a pandemic is impossible?). I was outside painting my house with a roller brush when my amazing neighbors introduced us. Yup, you read that right - I painted my whole house!

Aside from being a DIY queen, I'm also a proud mom to two adorable kiddos, Burke and Winnie, and two furry friends - my 100-pound silver lab Sam and mini bernadoodle Murphy. Speaking of family, my sister Britney and I started Mamie's Poppy Plates in honor of my first child, Mamie, who we tragically lost in 2009. We're now taking this passion project across the nation - WHOOP!

Now, let's talk about my love for dogs. I mean, who doesn't love those furry little creatures? Fun fact: when I was younger, I actually wanted to be a vet (I even volunteered at a vet clinic in Jr. High). However, I realized pretty quickly that science wasn't my thing and pursued my passion for art instead. I got my degree in graphic design and photography, and I've been snapping pics ever since. I love capturing those special moments with pets, kids, families - you name it! It brings me so much joy.

Thanks for stopping by and getting to know a little bit about me!


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